Fix Python – bash: mkvirtualenv: command not found


Asked By – Mike Pennington

After following the instructions on Doug Hellman’s virtualenvwrapper post, I still could not fire up a test environment.

[mpenning@tsunami ~]$ mkvirtualenv test
-bash: mkvirtualenv: command not found
[mpenning@tsunami ~]$

It should be noted that I’m using WORKON_HOME that is not in my $HOME. I tried looking for /usr/local/bin/ as shown in the virtualenvwrapper installation docs, but it does not exist.

I’m running CentOS 6 and python 2.6.6, if this matters.

# File: ~/.bash_profile
# ...

export WORKON_HOME="/opt/virtual_env/"
source "/opt/virtual_env/bin/virtualenvwrapper_bashrc"

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Solution 1:

For some reason, installed in /usr/bin/, instead of under /usr/local/bin.

The following in my .bash_profile works…

source "/usr/bin/"
export WORKON_HOME="/opt/virtual_env/"

My install seems to work fine without sourcing virtualenvwrapper_bashrc

Solution 2:

Alternatively as mentioned below, you could leverage the chance that is already in your shell’s PATH and just issue a source `which`

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