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To read some text file, in C or Pascal, I always use the following snippets to read the data until EOF:

while not eof do begin

Thus, I wonder how can I do this simple and fast in Python?

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Loop over the file to read lines:

with open('somefile') as openfileobject:
    for line in openfileobject:

File objects are iterable and yield lines until EOF. Using the file object as an iterable uses a buffer to ensure performant reads.

You can do the same with the stdin (no need to use raw_input():

import sys

for line in sys.stdin:

To complete the picture, binary reads can be done with:

from functools import partial

with open('somefile', 'rb') as openfileobject:
    for chunk in iter(partial(, 1024), b''):

where chunk will contain up to 1024 bytes at a time from the file, and iteration stops when starts returning empty byte strings.

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