Fix Python – Visual Studio Code Intellisense is very slow – Is there anything I can do?


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Edit: Pylance seems to be much better at this and has so far resolved all problems with the previous Python language server from Microsoft.

I’m using VS Code and it’s wonderful is all areas but code completion, where it is usually just too slow to be of any use. This example shows how long intellisense took to to find a local variable, and this is only after it was prompted to do so after I hit ctrl+enter.

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I’ve not been able to find a solution to this as of yet, so I am here to ask if anyone else has had a similar issue and ask how they have overcome it.

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Maybe it’s Jedi. I mean its awesome but … Tinkering with Jedi myself on bigger code bases I can confirm that it might be uber slow at times and pretty hard to figure out what the problems are… :/

Solution might be to switch to another language server! The VSCode Python extension has a “Language Server”-setting:

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aka python.languageServer.

Pylance is MS own new language server. I just tried it and it all seems a little snappier. As of today this is tagged as Preview. So there might be improvements around the corner.

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