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I have a list of size < N and I want to pad it up to the size N with a value.

Certainly, I can use something like the following, but I feel that there should be something I missed:

>>> N = 5
>>> a = [1]
>>> map(lambda x, y: y if x is None else x, a, ['']*N)
[1, '', '', '', '']

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a += [''] * (N - len(a))

or if you don’t want to change a in place

new_a = a + [''] * (N - len(a))

you can always create a subclass of list and call the method whatever you please

class MyList(list):
    def ljust(self, n, fillvalue=''):
        return self + [fillvalue] * (n - len(self))

a = MyList(['1'])
b = a.ljust(5, '')

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