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I want to create a python function to test the time spent in each function and print its name with its time, how i can print the function name and if there is another way to do so please tell me

def measureTime(a):
    start = time.clock() 
    elapsed = time.clock()
    elapsed = elapsed - start
    print "Time spent in (function name) is: ", elapsed

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First and foremost, I highly suggest using a profiler or atleast use timeit.

However if you wanted to write your own timing method strictly to learn, here is somewhere to get started using a decorator.

Python 2:

def timing(f):
    def wrap(*args):
        time1 = time.time()
        ret = f(*args)
        time2 = time.time()
        print '%s function took %0.3f ms' % (f.func_name, (time2-time1)*1000.0)
        return ret
    return wrap

And the usage is very simple, just use the @timing decorator:

def do_work():

Python 3:

def timing(f):
    def wrap(*args, **kwargs):
        time1 = time.time()
        ret = f(*args, **kwargs)
        time2 = time.time()
        print('{:s} function took {:.3f} ms'.format(f.__name__, (time2-time1)*1000.0))

        return ret
    return wrap

Note I’m calling f.func_name to get the function name as a string(in Python 2), or f.__name__ in Python 3.

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