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If I wanted to specify a path to save files to and make directories that don’t exist in that path, is it possible to do this using the pathlib library in one line of code?

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Yes, that is Path.mkdir:

pathlib.Path('/tmp/sub1/sub2').mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True)

From the docs:

If parents is true, any missing parents of this path are created as
needed; they are created with the default permissions without taking
mode into account (mimicking the POSIX mkdir -p command).

If parents is false (the default), a missing parent raises

If exist_ok is false (the default), FileExistsError is raised if the
target directory already exists.

If exist_ok is true, FileExistsError exceptions will be ignored (same
behavior as the POSIX mkdir -p command), but only if the last path
component is not an existing non-directory file.

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