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I’m trying to get the program to give me a beeping noise. I’m on a windows machine. I’ve looked at

But not sure how I can program this with a barcode scanner.

Here is my code for the serial barcode scanner.

ser = serial.Serial()
ser.baudrate = 9600

#for windows
ser.port = 2 #for COM3

UPDATE: Since I’m annoying my co-workers with the beep. Can I get it to come through the audio jack for headphones?

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On Windows, if you want to just make the computer make a beep sound:

import winsound
frequency = 2500  # Set Frequency To 2500 Hertz
duration = 1000  # Set Duration To 1000 ms == 1 second
winsound.Beep(frequency, duration)

The winsound.Beep() can be used wherever you want the beep to occur.

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