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I’m using matplotlib to plot data (using plot and errorbar functions) from Python. I have to plot a set of totally separate and independent plots, and then adjust their ylim values so they can be easily visually compared.

How can I retrieve the ylim values from each plot, so that I can take the min and max of the lower and upper ylim values, respectively, and adjust the plots so they can be visually compared?

Of course, I could just analyze the data and come up with my own custom ylim values… but I’d like to use matplotlib to do that for me. Any suggestions on how to easily (and efficiently) do this?

Here’s my Python function that plots using matplotlib:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

def myplotfunction(title, values, errors, plot_file_name):

    # plot errorbars
    indices = range(0, len(values))
    fig = plt.figure()
    plt.errorbar(tuple(indices), tuple(values), tuple(errors), marker='.')

    # axes
    axes = plt.gca()
    axes.set_xlim([-0.5, len(values) - 0.5])
    axes.set_xlabel('My x-axis title')
    axes.set_ylabel('My y-axis title')

    # title

    # save as file

    # close figure

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Just use axes.get_ylim(), it is very similar to set_ylim. From the docs:


Get the y-axis range [bottom, top]

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