Fix Python – How to reset db in Django? I get a command ‘reset’ not found error


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Following this Django by Example tutotrial here:

The tutorial says:

“This changes our table layout and we’ll have to ask Django to reset
and recreate tables: reset todo; syncdb

though, when I run reset todo, I get the error:

$ python reset todo                                       
- Unknown command: 'reset'

Is this because I am using sqlite3 and not postgresql?

Can somebody tell me what the command is to reset the database?

The command: python sqlclear todo returns the error:

$ python sqlclear todo    
CommandError: App with label todo could not be found.    
Are you sure your INSTALLED_APPS setting is correct?

So I added ‘todo’ to my INSTALLED_APPS in, and ran python sqlclear todo again, resulting in this error:

$ python sqlclear todo                                      
- NameError: name 'admin' is not defined

Now we will see solution for issue: How to reset db in Django? I get a command ‘reset’ not found error


reset has been replaced by flush with Django 1.5, see:

python help flush

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