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Asked By – Oleg Pavliv

How can I log all SQL queries that my django application performed?

I want to log everything, including SQLs from admin site. I saw this question and a FAQ answer but I still can’t figure out where should I put

from django.db import connection

to log everything to one file?

So my question is – what should I do to have a file (say all-sql.log) where all SQL statements are logged?

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Maybe check out

It’ll let you see all the queries generated by a given page. As well as stacktraces of where they occur etc.

EDIT: to log all SQL queries to a file etc, then you will want to create some middleware. Middleware gets run on every request. There are several Django snippets out there for this sort of thing:

Those are concerned with printing to the terminal, but it wouldn’t be hard to adapt them to use python’s logging library.

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