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IS there a way to see what package versions are available with conda? I am getting an error with jupyter but it was working before. Something like yolk?

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You can just type “conda search” which will give you something like the following.

$ conda search 
Fetching package metadata .........
affine                       2.0.0                    py27_0  defaults
                             2.0.0                    py35_0  defaults
                             2.0.0                    py36_0  defaults
alabaster                    0.7.3                    py27_0  defaults
                             0.7.3                    py34_0  defaults
                             0.7.7                    py27_0  defaults
                             0.7.7                    py34_0  defaults
                             0.7.7                    py35_0  defaults
                             0.7.9                    py27_0  defaults

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