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How do I convert data from a Scikit-learn Bunch object to a Pandas DataFrame?

from sklearn.datasets import load_iris
import pandas as pd
data = load_iris()
data1 = pd. # Is there a Pandas method to accomplish this?

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Manually, you can use pd.DataFrame constructor, giving a numpy array (data) and a list of the names of the columns (columns).
To have everything in one DataFrame, you can concatenate the features and the target into one numpy array with np.c_[...] (note the []):

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
from sklearn.datasets import load_iris

# save load_iris() sklearn dataset to iris
# if you'd like to check dataset type use: type(load_iris())
# if you'd like to view list of attributes use: dir(load_iris())
iris = load_iris()

# np.c_ is the numpy concatenate function
# which is used to concat iris['data'] and iris['target'] arrays 
# for pandas column argument: concat iris['feature_names'] list
# and string list (in this case one string); you can make this anything you'd like..  
# the original dataset would probably call this ['Species']
data1 = pd.DataFrame(data= np.c_[iris['data'], iris['target']],
                     columns= iris['feature_names'] + ['target'])

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