Fix Python – How do I get Pyflakes to ignore a statement?


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A lot of our modules start with:

    import json
except ImportError:
    from django.utils import simplejson as json  # Python 2.4 fallback.

…and it’s the only Pyflakes warning in the entire file:

foo/ redefinition of unused 'json' from line 12

How can I get Pyflakes to ignore this?

(Normally I’d go read the docs but the link is broken. If nobody has an answer, I’ll just read the source.)

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If you can use flake8 instead – which wraps pyflakes as well as the pep8 checker – a line ending with


(in which the space is significant – 2 spaces between the end of the code and the #, one between it and the NOQA text) will tell the checker to ignore any errors on that line.

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