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Given an ip address (say, how do I check if it’s in a network (say in Python?

Are there general tools in Python for ip address manipulation? Stuff like host lookups, ip adddress to int, network address with netmask to int and so on? Hopefully in the standard Python library for 2.5.

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This article shows you can do it with socket and struct modules without too much extra effort. I added a little to the article as follows:

import socket,struct

def makeMask(n):
    "return a mask of n bits as a long integer"
    return (2L<<n-1) - 1

def dottedQuadToNum(ip):
    "convert decimal dotted quad string to long integer"
    return struct.unpack('L',socket.inet_aton(ip))[0]

def networkMask(ip,bits):
    "Convert a network address to a long integer" 
    return dottedQuadToNum(ip) & makeMask(bits)

def addressInNetwork(ip,net):
   "Is an address in a network"
   return ip & net == net

address = dottedQuadToNum("")
networka = networkMask("",24)
networkb = networkMask("",24)
print (address,networka,networkb)
print addressInNetwork(address,networka)
print addressInNetwork(address,networkb)

This outputs:


If you just want a single function that takes strings it would look like this:

import socket,struct

def addressInNetwork(ip,net):
   "Is an address in a network"
   ipaddr = struct.unpack('L',socket.inet_aton(ip))[0]
   netaddr,bits = net.split('/')
   netmask = struct.unpack('L',socket.inet_aton(netaddr))[0] & ((2L<<int(bits)-1) - 1)
   return ipaddr & netmask == netmask

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