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I noticed when you plot that the first line is blue, then green, then red, and so on.

Is there some way to access this list of colours? I’ve seen a million posts on how to change the colour cycle or access the iterator, but not on how to just get the list of colours that matplotlib cycles through by default.

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In matplotlib versions >= 1.5, you can print the rcParam called axes.prop_cycle:


# [u'#1f77b4', u'#ff7f0e', u'#2ca02c', u'#d62728', u'#9467bd', u'#8c564b', u'#e377c2', u'#7f7f7f', u'#bcbd22', u'#17becf']

Or equivalently, in python2:

print plt.rcParams['axes.prop_cycle'].by_key()['color']

In versions < 1.5, this was called color_cycle:

print plt.rcParams['axes.color_cycle']

# [u'b', u'g', u'r', u'c', u'm', u'y', u'k']

Note that the default color cycle changed in version 2.0.0

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