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In python code, how to efficiently save a certain page in a pdf as a jpeg file? (Use case: I’ve a python flask web server where pdf-s will be uploaded and jpeg-s corresponding to each page is stores.)

This solution is close, but the problem is that it does not convert the entire page to jpeg.

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The pdf2image library can be used.

You can install it simply using,

pip install pdf2image

Once installed you can use following code to get images.

from pdf2image import convert_from_path
pages = convert_from_path('pdf_file', 500)

Saving pages in jpeg format

for page in pages:'out.jpg', 'JPEG')

Edit: the Github repo pdf2image also mentions that it uses pdftoppm and that it requires other installations:

pdftoppm is the piece of software that does the actual magic. It is distributed as part of a greater package called poppler.
Windows users will have to install poppler for Windows.
Mac users will have to install poppler for Mac.
Linux users will have pdftoppm pre-installed with the distro (Tested on Ubuntu and Archlinux) if it’s not, run sudo apt install poppler-utils.

You can install the latest version under Windows using anaconda by doing:

conda install -c conda-forge poppler

note: Windows versions upto 0.67 are available at but note that 0.68 was released in Aug 2018 so you’ll not be getting the latest features or bug fixes.

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