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Asked By – Lifu Huang

As far as I know, Variable is the default operation for making a variable, and get_variable is mainly used for weight sharing.

On the one hand, there are some people suggesting using get_variable instead of the primitive Variable operation whenever you need a variable. On the other hand, I merely see any use of get_variable in TensorFlow’s official documents and demos.

Thus I want to know some rules of thumb on how to correctly use these two mechanisms. Are there any “standard” principles?

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I’d recommend to always use tf.get_variable(...) — it will make it way easier to refactor your code if you need to share variables at any time, e.g. in a multi-gpu setting (see the multi-gpu CIFAR example). There is no downside to it.

Pure tf.Variable is lower-level; at some point tf.get_variable() did not exist so some code still uses the low-level way.

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