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What’s the shortest way to see how many full days have passed between two dates?
Here’s what I’m doing now.

math.floor((b - a).total_seconds()/float(86400))

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Assuming you’ve literally got two date objects, you can subtract one from the other and query the resulting timedelta object for the number of days:

>>> from datetime import date
>>> a = date(2011,11,24)
>>> b = date(2011,11,17)
>>> a-b
>>> (a-b).days

And it works with datetimes too — I think it rounds down to the nearest day:

>>> from datetime import datetime
>>> a = datetime(2011,11,24,0,0,0)
>>> b = datetime(2011,11,17,23,59,59)
>>> a-b
datetime.timedelta(6, 1)
>>> (a-b).days

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