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Note: This is asking for the reverse of the usual tuple-to-array conversion.

I have to pass an argument to a (wrapped c++) function as a nested tuple. For example, the following works

X = MyFunction( ((2,2),(2,-2)) )

whereas the following do not

X = MyFunction( numpy.array(((2,2),(2,-2))) )
X = MyFunction( [[2,2],[2,-2]] )

Unfortunately, the argument I would like to use comes to me as a numpy array. That array always has dimensions 2xN for some N, which may be quite large.

Is there an easy way to convert that to a tuple? I know that I could just loop through, creating a new tuple, but would prefer if there’s some nice access the numpy array provides.

If it’s not possible to do this as nicely as I hope, what’s the prettiest way to do it by looping, or whatever?

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>>> arr = numpy.array(((2,2),(2,-2)))
>>> tuple(map(tuple, arr))
((2, 2), (2, -2))

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