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I’m trying to uninstall all django packages in my superuser environment to ensure that all my webapp dependencies are installed to my virtualenv.

sudo su
sudo pip freeze | grep -E '^django-' | xargs pip -q uninstall

But pip wants to confirm every package uninstall, and there doesn’t seem to be a -y option for pip. Is there a better way to uninstall a batch of python modules? Is rm -rf .../site-packages/ a proper way to go? Is there an easy_install alternative?

Alternatively, would it be better to force pip to install all dependencies to the virtualenv rather than relying on the system python modules to meet those dependencies, e.g. pip --upgrade install, but forcing even equally old versions to be installed to override any system modules. I tried activating my virtualenv and then pip install --upgrade -r requirements.txt and that does seem to install the dependencies, even those existing in my system path, but I can’t be sure if that’s because my system modules were old. And man pip doesn’t seem to guarantee this behavior (i.e. installing the same version of a package that already exists in the system site-packages).

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starting with pip version 7.1.2 you can run pip uninstall -y <python package(s)>

pip uninstall -y package1 package2 package3

or from file

pip uninstall -y -r requirements.txt

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