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I often use python to process directories of data. Recently, I have noticed that the default order of the lists has changed to something almost nonsensical. For example, if I am in a current directory containing the following subdirectories: run01, run02, … run19, run20, and then I generate a list from the following command:

dir = os.listdir(os.getcwd())

then I usually get a list in this order:

dir = ['run01', 'run18', 'run14', 'run13', 'run12', 'run11', 'run08', ... ]

and so on. The order used to be alphanumeric. But this new order has remained with me for a while now.

What is determining the (displayed) order of these lists?

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I think the order has to do with the way the files are indexed on your FileSystem.
If you really want to make it adhere to some order you can always sort the list after getting the files.

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