Fix Python – How to read and write INI file with Python3?


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I need to read, write and create an INI file with Python3.


default_path = "/path/name/"
default_file = "file.txt"

Python File:

#    Read file and and create if it not exists
config = iniFile( 'FILE.INI' )

#    Get "default_path"

#    Print (string)/path/name
print config.default_path

#    Create or Update
config.append( 'default_path', 'var/shared/' )
config.append( 'default_message', 'Hey! help me!!' )


default_path    = "var/shared/"
default_file    = "file.txt"
default_message = "Hey! help me!!"

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This can be something to start with:

import configparser

config = configparser.ConfigParser()'FILE.INI')
print(config['DEFAULT']['path'])     # -> "/path/name/"
config['DEFAULT']['path'] = '/var/shared/'    # update
config['DEFAULT']['default_message'] = 'Hey! help me!!'   # create

with open('FILE.INI', 'w') as configfile:    # save

You can find more at the official configparser documentation.

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