Fix Python – Can I add message to the tqdm progressbar?


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When using the tqdm progress bar: can I add a message to the same line as the progress bar in a loop?

I tried using the “tqdm.write” option, but it adds a new line on every write. I would like each iteration to show a short message next to the bar, that will disappear in the next iteration. Is this possible?

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You can change the description to show a small message before the progress bar, like this:

from tqdm import trange
from time import sleep
t = trange(100, desc='Bar desc', leave=True)
for i in t:
    t.set_description("Bar desc (file %i)" % i)
    t.refresh() # to show immediately the update

/EDIT: in the latest releases of tqdm, you can use t.set_description("text", refresh=True) (which is the default) and remove t.refresh() (thanks to Daniel for the tip).

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