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Asked By – John Howard

What is an efficient way to repeat a string to a certain length? Eg: repeat('abc', 7) -> 'abcabca'

Here is my current code:

def repeat(string, length):
    cur, old = 1, string
    while len(string) < length:
        string += old[cur-1]
        cur = (cur+1)%len(old)
    return string

Is there a better (more pythonic) way to do this? Maybe using list comprehension?

Now we will see solution for issue: Repeat string to certain length


def repeat_to_length(string_to_expand, length):
   return (string_to_expand * ((length/len(string_to_expand))+1))[:length]

For python3:

def repeat_to_length(string_to_expand, length):
    return (string_to_expand * (int(length/len(string_to_expand))+1))[:length]

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