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I’m gathering statistics on a list of websites and I’m using requests for it for simplicity. Here is my code:

websites=['', '']
for w in websites:
    r= requests.get(w, verify=False)
    data.append( (r.url, len(r.content), r.elapsed.total_seconds(), str([(l.status_code, l.url) for l in r.history]), str(r.headers.items()), str(r.cookies.items())) )

Now, I want requests.get to timeout after 10 seconds so the loop doesn’t get stuck.

This question has been of interest before too but none of the answers are clean. I will be putting some bounty on this to get a nice answer.

I hear that maybe not using requests is a good idea but then how should I get the nice things requests offer. (the ones in the tuple)

Now we will see solution for issue: Timeout for python requests.get entire response


What about using eventlet? If you want to timeout the request after 10 seconds, even if data is being received, this snippet will work for you:

import requests
import eventlet

with eventlet.Timeout(10):
    requests.get("", verify=False)

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