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I’m looking to see if built in with the math library in python is the nCr (n Choose r) function:

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I understand that this can be programmed but I thought that I’d check to see if it’s already built in before I do.

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The following program calculates nCr in an efficient manner (compared to calculating factorials etc.)

import operator as op
from functools import reduce

def ncr(n, r):
    r = min(r, n-r)
    numer = reduce(op.mul, range(n, n-r, -1), 1)
    denom = reduce(op.mul, range(1, r+1), 1)
    return numer // denom  # or / in Python 2

As of Python 3.8, binomial coefficients are available in the standard library as math.comb:

>>> from math import comb
>>> comb(10,3)

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