Fix Python – Is it possible to ignore one single specific line with Pylint?


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I have the following line in my header:

import config.logging_settings

This actually changes my Python logging settings, but Pylint thinks it is an unused import. I do not want to remove unused-import warnings in general, so is it possible to just ignore this one specific line?

I wouldn’t mind having a .pylintrc for this project, so answers changing a configuration file will be accepted.

Otherwise, something like this will also be appreciated:

import config.logging_settings # pylint: disable-this-line-in-some-way

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Pylint message control is documented in the Pylint manual:

Is it possible to locally disable a particular message?

Yes, this feature has been added in Pylint 0.11. This may be done by adding
# pylint: disable=some-message,another-one
at the desired block level or at the end of the desired line of code.

You can use the message code or the symbolic names.

For example,

def test():
    # Disable all the no-member violations in this function
    # pylint: disable=no-member
global VAR # pylint: disable=global-statement

The manual also has further examples.

There is a wiki that documents all Pylint messages and their codes.

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