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I have two existing dictionaries, and I wish to ‘append’ one of them to the other. By that I mean that the key,values of the other dictionary should be made into the first dictionary. For example:

orig = {
   'A': 1,
   'B': 2,
   'C': 3,

extra = {
   'D': 4,
   'E': 5,

dest = # Something here involving orig and extra

print dest
   'A': 1,
   'B': 2,
   'C': 3,
   'D': 4,
   'E': 5

I think this all can be achieved through a for loop (maybe?), but is there some method of dictionaries or any other module that saves this job for me? The actual dictionaries I’m using are really big…

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You can do


or, if you don’t want orig to be modified, make a copy first:

dest = dict(orig)  # or orig.copy()

Note that if extra and orig have overlapping keys, the final value will be taken from extra. For example,

>>> d1 = {1: 1, 2: 2}
>>> d2 = {2: 'ha!', 3: 3}
>>> d1.update(d2)
>>> d1
{1: 1, 2: 'ha!', 3: 3}

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